Our History

Zelma, inspired in the wild soul that lives in each one of us.
It is born from the purpose of reminding us and re-establishing ancient wisdom.
That woman who remembers the strength that nature gave us to abound in creativity, to live fully free, without conditions, to support one another, to re-establish our own territory, to proudly display our bodies and our gifts, to speak and act on our behalf.
It is born to be a place that reminds us how powerful and wild we are when we recognize that we are not inherent to the earth, for we are part of it.

Our Commitment

The woven garments are made 100% by hand by artisan women from La Guajira - Colombia, using fair and eco-responsible labor practices, with locally sourced sustainable materials.
We honor their work and are immensely grateful for making it possible.

We seek inspiration in the details of nature, culture, textiles, and art. A collection of subtle, loose, sensual garments with thoughtful details and a bohemian sensibility that evokes the soul and spirit of feeling free.

We honor the earth by using local methods to elevate our designs, among them, crochet, a form of textile manufacturing that uses hook weaving techniques. This is how we travel to the history of weaving the thread that holds us thanks to ancestral wisdom.